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Inspecting the damage on a home sewer pipe with a remote camera

CCTV surveys and reports for drainage applications across Buckinghamshire

A Weatherhead Ltd (part of The Weatherhead Group) is a specialist contractor that provides CCTV surveys to accurately diagnose the cause of a blockage and any structural defects that may be present within a waste management or drainage system. Based in Aylesbury, we cover all of Buckinghamshire.

CCTV Surveys for accurate and informative information about your waste solution system

CCTV Surveys involve a camera being pushed through the pipe work using a semi-rigid push rod with the camera fitted at the end. The pipework can be inspected, and the live imaging is displayed on a colour monitor and recorded. The recording also notes depth and location within the pipework. When fault or blockage finding, our engineers and customers can take a close look inside the pipework to diagnose the best course of action and the most cost-effective method of repair. At The Weatherhead Group we provide CCTV surveys to diagnose blockage issues and identify how your waste solution can be improved.


CCTV is an ideal solution for:

  • Finding and diagnosing the cause of a hard to clear blockage

  • Locating faults and structural defects within pipework and drains

  • Tracing and mapping of new or existing drains


We operate our fleet from our depot in Aylesbury and we offer services across Buckinghamshire and the south. Get in touch to see how easily we can help and to request a CCTV survey now. We keep our commercial and industrial services hassle-free and affordable, which is why local authorities and councils make us their go-to contractor time and again.

Drain CCTV

Mainline Crawler Camera

Push Rod Camera

Using our mainline Crawler CCTV unit, we have the capability to inspect pipe work up to 100 metres in length and at between 50mm – 300mm diameter. This camera is remote controlled from its on-board control room, where our experienced operatives can view live streaming colour images of what is going on inside the pipe work. This data is then digitally stored, and a report created from the findings.

Our agile Push Rod CCTV camera Unit is on hand for those harder to access sites. With full colour video, we can easily pick up on any pipework issues or joint conditions. We can produce a report on request, to show our findings. This camera is typically used for pipes less than 150mm diameter, whilst still providing the clear, accurate data that is needed.

On completion of a survey, if requested, The Weatherhead Group can supply a full detailed report on the findings, including inlets, location of junctions and diameters, defects or obstructions. This will include photographs of any problem areas and a map of the drain layout. All CCTV footage is recorded, and we can provide a copy.  If there are any necessary repairs needed to be made, we will notify you and provide you with a quotation for remedial work.

An industrial tunnel leading into the light

A huge range of industrial site services! Choose The Weatherhead Group for a comprehensive range of tankering, drilling and waste management solutions.

The Weatherhead Group comprises three individual companies, drilling, drainage and tankering, which work alongside each other to provide clients with a holistic service that can take care of all irrigation, groundworks, waste and more!  We are based in Aylesbury and cover all of Buckinghamshire.

Areas we cover:

  • Milton Keynes

  • High Wycombe

  • Aylesbury

  • Amersham

  • Chesham

  • Gerrards Cross

Talk to The Weatherhead Group in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire about CCTV surveys and other waste solutions now. Call 01296 696488

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